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Leverage your commercial instincts to onboard companies to a real revolution!

A lot of people get all warm & fuzzy when the topic of ‘old-school’ video games pops up. But no matter how much fun it was to beat a heavily pixelated end boss, the tech moved on. And so did the players. Yet somehow, a lot of businesses didn’t. Some of the software that powered critical processes way back then is still limping along today. And frankly, it doesn’t look so hot anymore. 😉

So why do businesses cling on to old solutions? Well, in part because OG software developers became monolith-building mastodons. And old mastodons don’t learn new tricks, nor do monoliths roll out of the way easily. Until now, because Thinkwise offers a compelling alternative: we flat-out guarantee that we can replace outdated (‘legacy’) software in 12 months. With solutions that will never be outdated. And with a much (MUCH!) smaller CO2 footprint. Want to help us redefine how businesses are run? Team up!

As Sales / Partner Representative, you drive and follow up on lead generation. Attract and onboard (inter)national customers and system integrators that can market our proposition. A high-impact position because you spread the Thinkwise word and are its most ardent and visible ambassador. True, you could perform similar tasks in a commercial role at other companies, but Thinkwise does have a clear perk: your fellow Thinkwiseians consider what we do riveting. After all, our products aren’t NEW & IMPROVED versions of existing solutions. They’re brand spanking new lovers 😉. Our model-driven approach allows us to phase out all legacy applications within 12 months. With solutions that will never become outdated, while realizing substantial CO2 reductions with every update. And, yes, this is your cue to hop aboard. Because we’ve set out to become the biggest player in the industry. Because it’s rewarding to market something that benefits both customers and society at large. And because, frankly, we compensate you quite handsomely for your efforts and enthusiasm. Pinky promise on all counts.

In Short:

  • Spot and enthuse prospective clients (e.g., well-known brands) and/or partners (e.g., system integrators) that can strengthen our portfolio
  • Identify key decision makers and team up with marketeers to co-develop lead campaigns, which you obviously pursue with a righteous vengeance 😉
  • Leverage all the tools of the sales trade to get (and stay) in touch with prospects: call, mail, chat, and social your way to the finish line
  • Own the funnel like an (unpixellated) boss: yes, we provide you with the best tooling available
  • Work closely with business developers and sales / partner success managers who take over the baton once you’ve cultivated prospect interest and done the necessary groundwork
What you bring to the table

  • Consultative sales skills, an outgoing personality, and a healthy dose of ambition
  • A talent for clicking with all counterparts: you’re a human Lego-brick
  • Goal-oriented and willing/able to set your own signposts and sprint toward them
  • You’re full of crazy (or are they?) ideas and dazzle colleagues with wildly ambitious (or are they?) plans
  • You understand the value of a structured approach
  • If you’re allergic to tech, Ditto if lead generation tools scare you.
What you don’t have to negotiate

  • A competitive salary, generous bonus structure and benefits
  • Lifelong learning, and we definitely encourage you to keep growing
  • A role in which you can scale with our global ambitions
  • Multiple inspiring work environments. Including your home. And our HQ in Apeldoorn
  • An opportunity to position revolutionary solutions that give organizations a decisive advantage over their legacy counterparts
  • Impact where it counts: we help to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint. Significantly. And demonstrably.

About Thinkwise

Thinkwise is an international player with a unique technical vantage point.  We bring the best people, software, and knowledge together to provide exceptional service to our clients. We utilize our low-code platform, specialized in the complete replacement of legacy enterprise software. We model processes and applications instead of programming them.  There are currently businesses in 32 countries that utilise our entreprise software, such as Mojo, Sligro, VDL and WEC-Lines.  There are approximately 130 professionals employed by Thinkwise, and with your knowledge and expertise we hope to grow even further. Our goal is to offer our software to more clients and partners that support their business in a simple, transparent, and sustainable manner.

Are you brave enough to take the leap ?

Are you the Sales Development Representative we have been looking for? Apply now! For any questions regarding this vacancy, please contact Hermien Kolkman on 0618996588. Our process:  After submission of your application, the expected turnaround time for feedback is 2 working days.  If you have been invited for an initial interview, you will first meet with the Corporate Recruiter and a colleague from the relevant department to discuss the vacancy and your skillset.  If the decision has been made to proceed to the next step within the process, you will also meet the head of the Department and lastly with the relevant Director. If we there is a match, we will discuss terms.




Hermien Kolkman-van Vuuren
Corporate Recruiter
+31 61 899 6588


Bekijk of volg ons op social media voor meer informatie over Thinkwise!


Thinkwise mag contact met mij opnemen over deze sollicitatie.


Thinkwise mag contact met mij opnemen over deze sollicitatie.

Hermien Kolkman-van Vuuren
Corporate Recruiter
+31 61 899 6588

Bekijk of volg ons op social media voor meer informatie over Thinkwise!